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Welcome to Citadel!
Welcome to Citadel!

Be bold. Be seen. Be known. Be found.

Citadel offers proprietary organic growth services that you simply cannot get anywhere else. Our clients typically see a rapid and steady organic growth take place after beginning to work with us. Citadel has experience working in the smallest of businesses all the way up to the Fortune 200 market and everywhere in-between!

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Social Media Development & Management

  • Brand Development & Consulting

  • Website & eCommerce Design & Hosting

Professional Website Development


The internet is a multi-trillion dollar a year consumer and business market. It's not hard to see why you need your website performing in top-gear always. At Citadel, our websites are custom built by our masterful in-house web developers.

Be Bold.

At Citadel, we take pride in the incredibly high level of detail that goes into every single website. From mobile optimization, to targeted keywords so that you appear first. We don't build websites, we craft bold results.

Professional Website Development
Search Engine Optimization


Not every website is the same, but every successful website has something in common: Search Engine Optimization. Most modern search engines use specific algorithms for determining which websites will appear in a search to customers. If your SEO isn't optimized and constantly maintained, chances are, Google is referring to your competition.

Be Seen.

From Search Engine Optimization, to PPC marketing campaigns, Citadel can help grow your business from a digital start-up to a market leader. Make sure that your customers find you, every time.

Search Engine Optimization
Dedicated Social Media Management


Social Media has taken the world by storm. With most of the world's population using social media, it's now more important than ever to ensure that your business is engaged with your customers. The best way to do this is no longer through newsletters, but through social media.

Be Heard.

We offer a dedicated, affordable way to construct and manage your businesses social media channels. Our in-house creative media experts will work with your business as if it were their own, posting daily, writing articles, and driving traffic to your business for you.

Dedicated Social Media Management
Professional Brand Management


Whereas digital media is an absolute must to survive any of today's markets, you can't forget your brand. Your brand is the image that your customers and community alike will see and come to know. It is incredibly important to maintain a positive image, and at Citadel, we can help you establish your brand and do just that.

Be Known.

We offer a full branding service run by experts in the field. We offer full brand-guides, logos, marketing materials, copy writing, and much more. Let us help you tailor your image.

Professional Brand Management



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